Monday, October 24, 2005

Cheney In His Last Throes?

The fog is lifting and things are coming into focus slowly in the Plame leak case. The New York times is reporting that Scooter Libby first learned of Plame's name from the Halliburton Honcho himself, Vice President Richard Cheney. Fitzgerald is in posession of Libby's notes from a meeting with Cheney in June 2003 that reportedly show that is when he learned the name of the undercover agent.

According to the article, Cheney learned the name from then CIA director, George Tenet.

The thing that I want to know is why was Libby suggesting that he learned the name from the Press just last week if he had notes that showed where he got it? :cough: coverup :cough:

This one is hot and most certainly Developing...