Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Don't Forget: Milk And Cookies For Fitzmas

Word on the street is that target letters have been sent out and indictments are likely to be announced tomorrow.

Ol' Saint Fitz will certainly be hungry after sifting through all the paperwork and seedy minutiae while trying to figure out who's getting lumps of coal in the Bush administration.

Note: He's allergic to peanuts, so no peanuts folks.

Get to bed early tonight kiddies, tomorrow will be an exhausting day!

Oh, and if you're having trouble sleeping, we've rigged up the 'Fitzmas Tracker'. Just like the Santa Tracker's on Christmas Eve, we've tagged Mr. Fitzgerald with a small GPS device and we're currently tracking him around DC. You can watch it here:

Update :: 9:07PM EST:

Update :: 12:03AM EST:

Update :: 1:25AM EST:

Merry Fitzmas to all!