Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fight Night: Rove vs Libby

A sure fire indicator that the wheels are coming off this administration is when it starts to cannibalize itself.

That's apparently what happened when Karl Rove told the grand jury that he may have learned Valerie Plame's name from Scooter Libby, White House advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney. (Source: CNN)

Now, are we to believe that Rove, the calculating and intelligent "architect", somehow was just off his game when trying to bring down Joe Wilson? I mean, that is what all this is about... an administration scheming to discredit Wilson and at the same time send a message to other possible detractors. Rove knows where he got the name and he knows that he was involved in spreading the word.

The unspoken byproduct of this move by Rove is frightening. By implying that he doesn't know where he got Plame's name, he is painting a picture of an administration full of idiots punting her name around with wanton disregard and carelessness. A crime in and of itself, imo.