Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fitzmas Interruptus: ACLU Seeks Injunction

Well, Fitzmas is on hold. Early this morning, several ACLU lawyers wandered around the Washington mall, trying to deliver a cease and desist order in reference to the term 'Fitzmas'. The order apparently is demanding, in terms of fairness, that the terms 'Fwanzaa', 'Fanukkah' and 'Framadan' be included when Fitzmas is mentioned.

The lawyers spent the better part of the morning trying to find someone to serve the order to. "We're not sure which governmental office handles such a holiday." said ACLU lawyer Jack Mehoffer.

Finally, a transient wearing a santa hat took the order and promised to get right on it.

Oh, and apparently Inflatable Dartboard has received it's first major piece of network coverage! Semblance gave us the heads-up that we were featured during Ron Reagan's show 'Connected: Coast to Coast' on MSNBC. They had a big screenshot of the page and were knocking us for jumping the gun on the Fitzmas Eve thing. Well, apparently they didn't hear about the above story! If anyone finds a stream or a transcript, I'd love to see it!

Update :: Oct 26, 2005 : 1:56 am : Credit for the term 'Fitzmas Interruptus' belongs squarely to reader