Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas Moves Into Fhanukkah Stage

Aside from the indictment coming down today, one other thing was crystal clear... Patrick Fitzgerald isn't done with this issue. So rather than one day of giftmas, we may be looking at multiple days of press conferences and indictments like the one today. It really depends on the main stream media keeping the heat on the issue. They definitely seemed to have woken up after Libby and his ridiculously inane web of lies paying off with a solid and serious indictment. The vultures of the press have picked up the scent of a wounded animal in this administration and now they are circling and waiting for an excuse to come down and dine.

Fitzgerald kept it together, yet he seemed genuinely angry that these guys have been jerking him around this whole time. He knows that something is afoot with this administration and I believe he will step up the pressure on Scooter now that he is separated from the pack. Scooter is vulnerable and he must know that the lies he told the grand jury have hobbled him and just about any chance he has to escape justice.

This puts Fitzgerald in a power position and Cheney and Rove must be sweating.