Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here Comes The Smokescreen

An indictment in your administration got you down? Your war not going over well with the American people? Populace complaining about high energy costs? Approval ratings in freefall? Your pet attorney and SCOTUS candidate falls flat on her face and pulls out of the race? God angry with you and throwing freakish, swirling air masses at your shores?

A lesser man would develop a nervous jaw tick... no, a habit of frowning... uh, an ashen complexion... anyway, that isn't important. What is important for the leader of the most powerful nation on earth is how to manage these problems and turn the ship around. Certainly that MBA will come in handy because running a country is obviously just like running a business. Forget the fact that if this country were a business right now, the windows would be papered over and any inventory would be auctioned to pay off creditors.

This is the long way for me to timestamp the move I predict Bush, and his psuedo-reinstalled brain, will make tomorrow:

10:13 AM EST tomorrow, BREAKING NEWS and ACHTUNG! news graphics will be flying everywhere with news of Bush picking his new Supreme Court Justice nomination.

I'm not certain who it will be, but to maximize impact and stamina of the smokescreen it will be a very conservative pick to realign his base.

The best move for the talking heads and pundits on the left would be to divert, divert, divert attention back to the current indictment and its inherent, hanging issues. Respond with phrases like "Yes, it os an interesting SCOUTUS nomination, but that issue will play out in time... I'm more concerned about Rove, Cheney and Libby and the upcoming trial." It is important to keep those names out there and to keep repeating them.

: Timestamp :

Update: Oct 30, 2005 :: 11:38 PM: Hahahaha! Well, that didn't take long... the White House just announced that Bush will be making his SCOTUS pick tomorrow.

Update: Oct 31, 2005 :: 10:12 AM: Boy can I pick them or what? Bush nominates Samuel Alito for the bench. Apparently he is pretty conservative and democrats are already calling this pick "needlessly provocative". Bush is trying to rally the troops folks. Keep your eyes on the prize people, the indictment and pending trial are the issue. The supreme court nomination will play out in time.