Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Hot Tub" Tom Delay Interviewed On MSNBC

Am I the only one that is watching Tom Delay and can see right through his obvious game? Smile big and just keep repeating "baseless claims" and "I will be exhonorated" and he'll come out fine. Who ever is giving him that advice is leading him down the primrose path. These are serious charges, with serious penalties. This is no joke and he's treating it like one.

I watched Rita Cosby interview him last night on MSNBC and it was embarassing to watch him. You know when you're watching something where you're so embarrassed for the person that you finger the channel change button and when it gets really bad, you actually turn to another channel and chortle? That was me last night.

Some of the stand outs from the interview:
COSBY: What was going through your mind when they actually booked you? Here you had to go to a sheriff's department, got the mug shot, got the fingerprints. It's got to be humiliating.

DELAY: Well, it's not fun, I got to tell you. It's enough to make sure you don't do anything to break the law to get there — it's not fun. It's very serious. It's very grim.

Yet, he was smiling like he won the lottery? What else do you need to know he's a complete snake in the grass?
COSBY: Are you worried at all, about all these things going on with you, being such a central figure in the halls of Congress, how that will affect the White House, if this drags on?

DELAY: No, because, to be honest with you — and now you really don't think I'm crazy — I think, because we have such a bold, aggressive agenda, the president has shown more leadership. The Democrats have no agenda. The Democrats have this ethics agenda.
"The Democrats have this ethics agenda." He really said that. I laughed my ass off. I couldn't wait for this transcript to come out so I could have proof he said it. And there it is.

Notice right before that he said "The Democrats have no agenda." How misleading and dishonest can you be? Of course the left has an agenda. Primarily, it's to undo or rally against this administration taking us back to dirt roads and outhouses. Also, it's nearly impossible for the Democrats to even be heard given the right's strangle hold on the power positions in the house and senate.
COSBY: You think we're going to see that [mugshot] a lot?

DELAY: Oh, you already are. They're selling t-shirts, especially by enemies. They're using it all over the place. They're doctoring it up. Yes, they're trying their best to make it look as bad as possible. It's hard to do, though.

Oh. Really now? I take that as a challenge. Just because of that smug response, I promise to doctor up even more Delay mugshots and mark my words... they will look as bad as possible. Watch for them soon.
COSBY: You still believe in the political process?

DELAY: Absolutely. Absolutely. Especially when you have the opportunity to stop those that will try to undermine it.

Whoa. The spin is too much. If you threw up in the room while Delay was throwing out this intense spin, the G-forces would be enough so that the puke would be evenly distributed around the entire room. It's that powerful.

No, seriously... read that again if you didn't notice that he's essentially validating the reason why he is in hot water. He undermined the political process in so many ways, so many times, that now we have the opportunity to stop him.

The heat is turning up slowly and he has no idea that it's about to boil.

Background on origin of "Hot Tub Tom" nickname :: From the
Later, as a Texas state legislator from 1978 to 1984, DeLay had a reputation in Austin less as a lawmaker than as a partyer and playboy known as "Hot Tub Tom." He roomed with other fun-loving male legislators at a condo they dubbed "Macho Manor."