Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is Fitzgerald Ready For The GOP Smear?

Don't kid yourselves folks, the GOP mud and smears are already loaded in the trebuchets and the ropes are pulled taught. They've tried to launch some attacks that have failed miserably so far - for instance, the Hutchinson 'perjury is nothing' attempt on Hardball.

The GOP doesn't know how to operate in this environment with the effectiveness they need. They function better in a reactionary role. They will decide their plan once Fitzgerald plays his cards and, to date, he's holding them very close to his vest. It will be imperative for any mud that is slung to not come from Bush, he has already praised Fitzgerald in statements.

I for one think that Patrick Fitzgerald is more than adept and is well prepared to fend off just about anything that comes his way.

I think firedoglake regular summed it up beautifully when he posted this comment at firedoglake about Fitzgerald and the confidence he projects (posted with permission):

There's Something About Patrick

It's weird, isn't it, how many of us feel as if we know this guy, that we understand him?

In my case, I'm also from NY, Catholic school and high school, just a bit removed from shanty Irish on my Dad's side, and about his age, just a wee bit younger (39). I feel like I get this guy, like I "know" him.

But as I read everyone's comments about him, a lot of us feel that way, from whatever background.

Is it our projection? In part, absolutely. We have a lot of our hopes pinned on him so we project a lot of our feelings onto him, our motivations. We're also hungry for an apolitical, honest hero, someone who restores some honor and character to our government, who can renew some of our faith in our public institutions.

But I think it's more than that.

We, and others, can smell that this guy does not have a hidden, egotistical agenda. The anecdote about the photos of him captures that, but we can all smell it.

The herd can smell a phony. If I may say so, it's what people smelled about Kerry. But not this guy. Even his targets can smell that this guy is genuine. Very good at what he does (which is also why we like him), but genuine.

The rumpled suit only makes him endearing. He's Columbo without the tics and affectations. He has all these bastards figured out, and he proceeds at his own pace, allowing them to ensnare themselves in the thicket of their own lies. And he makes them underestimate him. A man with no ego can eat an egomaniac for lunch, because the egomaniac will underestimate him, and can't buy him.

There's something about Patrick. We can all sense it. He reminds us of America at its best. He reminds us of ourselves at our best. He's human and flawed, for sure, but we can't help but like him, and that fat briefcase he carries, and what it could mean for all of us, for the whole country.
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