Friday, October 21, 2005


It's kind of hard to type when you are bouncing around the room with joy at this type of news item. Karl and Scooter have both been advised that they are in legal jeopardy. (Source: Raw Story)

Now, we have to parse this a bit because we've always known they were in some form of legal jeopardy over their involvement in the Plame outing. I imagine their lawyers are the ones that have now advised them of this 'new' status. You know it's bad when your lawyers come to tell you your fate is all but sealed.

I'd be willing to wager that Rove is having some moments of clarity at this point. I picture him reflecting back on his days as a young college dropout, wetting his beak in politics. Not able to attain success the hard way, he is tempted by the dark side. Trickery, fraud and smear tactics are the tools he chose and they are the sword he will fall on. ( -=I think I'll take this tangent up in another post=- )

Should have listened to the little guy with the harp and halo on the other shoulder, Karl.