Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Phelps Hate Church Soars To New Lows

Signs at recent protest:
What the signs read on other side:

An undercover reporter slipped into Fred Phelps infamous Westboro Baptist Church and got him to comment on the recent subway bombings in London, England:
"Oh I am so thankful that happened. My only regret is that they didn't kill about million of them. England deserves that kind of punishment, as does this country (America)". (Source: SKYNEWS)
Fred Phelps and his 150 followers are known for their incredibly sensitive habit of showing up at funerals of gay people and protest nearby with signs reading "God hates fags" and "Aids cures fags".
Check out the fun they had on one of their latest 'pickets' from 2 days ago:
"Our last picket was shooting fish in a barrel at Holy Family Cathedral Catholic Church. Filthy pervert after filthy pervert passed by us as we asked them why they are taking their children in to be raped, and why they fund the largest pedophile machine that the world has ever known. Rather than face that monster, they cussed us, and threatened violence,like all good Catholics do." (Source: GHF)
Hello? You attack people with veiled threats, inflame the situation with signs attacking their faith and then whine when they cuss and threaten violence?

These Phelps followers are religious parasites. They sould gather in a petri-dish rather than a guilded building of worship.

I'll be the last person to try to deny the right to assemble for these blockheads, however, it does warrant some questions. Does it really qualify as a protest? What are they protesting at a funeral? The fact that the person died? That would mean that they prefer him/hir alive. But then their signs would be useless. So they aren't protesting, they are encouraging death. Phelps' own words confirm that. Should that be protected as free speech?

I'd love to find some data on the ranks of this 'church'. Has their congregation waxed or waned since it's inception? Do they enjoy non-profit status?