Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rove's Forked Tounge Tickles Dubya's Ear

Initally, I felt only a small pang of surprise upon hearing today that Rove told Bush 2 years ago that he had spoken with reporters about the Plame affair. Supposedly Bush "made his displeasure known to Karl".

Displeasure? What in the hell is that? I save such mitigated intensity like 'Displeasure' for things like my soup being cold or the paper boy forgetting to wrap the paper in plastic on a rainy day.

Maybe its just me but things like treason and conspiracy should ring louder alarm bells for Bush.

So over the course of the day the reality of this situation comes in like a steady tide for me.

Bush has known for 2 years?! If so, then he's damn lucky he didn't testify under oath to the grand jury. But, he did make several statements since then that can only be described as him being totally unaware of anyone in his administration talking about Plame. Not to mention Scott Mclellan's numerous (pre-'ongoing investigation' policy) official statements on behalf of the president that proclaim no involvment by anyone in the administration.

This Plame incident is simply a branch on this Administrations' crooked tree of cronyism, lies, warmongering and deciet. Luckily, we have a very qualified arborist in Patrick Fitzgerald.