Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wag The Dog Scenario On The Horizon?

It's late - or early, depending on your constitution - and I'm trying to figure out how I missed all the clamor yesterday about Bush pressing the U.N. to 'take action' against Syria.

The reason all these articles give for Bush's sudden intense focus on Syria is because of a U.N. report that suggests the Syrian government had something to do with the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February of 2005.

Now here's where things get sticky...

Why the sudden push? The report they are referring to was released by the U.N. on September 25, 2005 - a month ago. It took me all of 15 minutes to read through and digest it. (Note: 2 sections of the report have Adobe PDF errors and aren't accessible at this time - will email DOJ and notify)

So, again, why the big push now? 22 possible indictments pending, a pile of other current GOP hardships instantly pop into my mind as a few reasons.

Yes, there is something afoot here. Both Condi Rice and Jack Straw are pressing the U.N. from other angles for swift, yet undefined, action. I'm certain that John Bolton is getting his mustache in Anan's face as well.

Also, why do they now value and want to work with their nemesis, theU.N.? Are we supposed to forget the way this administration disregarded the U.N. on the run up to the Iraq war? Are we supposed to forget Bush's ramrod, recess appointment of John "Anti-U.N." Bolton to the United Nations?

Furthermore, it is hypocritical for this administration to say anything about feuds that depose foreign leaders. I say that based on our controversial involvement with Aristide's departure from Haiti. Not to mention the apparent involvement of the Bush administration in the attempted coup of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

At this point, it won't take much to provoke Syria and Lebanon into a war that will destabilize the fragile region further. Nothing like a new mid-east conflict to move the attention off the administrations' current woes.

Don't put it past them for a second either, it's always when a dog is cornered that they are at their most vicious and desperate.

(ooooh... nice unintentional closing that ties in with the headline, if I don't say so myself)