Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bush Contradicts Pentagon On Iraq Pullout?

The Republican led Congress, President Bush, Vice President Cheney and The Pentagon all stress the importance to avoid sending the troops in Iraq the wrong message. Yet, if you've been following the events of yesterday and the news today, it's clear that they are the ones sending nothing but confusion to the troops.

The conflicting messages I am referring to:
Which message is worse? The Democrats and a majority of the US public desiring a phased withdrawal from Iraq? Or the contradictory statements from those in charge of this war about a future plan for our troops in Iraq?

Our troops are loyal and fierce, but when the command segments send mixed messages, it projects an air of incompetence and surely undermines their confidence in their leaders.

The Republicans in the House rushed through their session yesterday and avoided meaningful debate on this issue in an effort to escape to their 2 week vacation. If anything, they should have delayed their vacation while they hammered out a substantive agreement and resolution for, at the very least, a timetable for an effective exit strategy.