Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bush Wasting Time With Immigration Push

Who does President Bush think he's kidding with this sudden trudge into the trenches of the battle over illegal immigration? He has simply beaten around the Bush over the last 5 years because of his affinity for the gringo sympathy vote. It's just more smoke and mirrors to try to shake the current woes his administration he is facing.

He will be totally ineffectual on this topic as long as he remains loyal to the corporate side of the debate who embrace illegals because they pad the bottom line as cheap labor. He's offered nothing new to solve the problem.

He's throwing more money at the issue to put up more obstacles for those trying to sneak across the border. That tactic has proven to be largely unsuccessful due to the fact that those people will just try to come across again and again until they get through. It's like trying to keep back the tide.