Monday, November 14, 2005

Cheney: "The Vice That Dooms Bush"

Here's a great article by Peter Preston from across the pond. He sees right through Cheney and wonders why Bush is keeping him around.

From the Guardian article:

"That was the choice Bush made when he picked Dick Cheney for another term. It's the decision that, day by day, brings him down. If you haven't got a designated heir and an administration that sees the chance of continuing life in transferred allegiances, then you've only got time, running out. Cheney is not a candidate. He is too old, too sick and in too much trouble. The prosecutors who pursue his chief of staff pursue him too. The White House's lousiest moral maze wanders straight up Pennsylvania Avenue to his door.

This situation upends the first-term dynamics when Cheney was the experienced professional and chum of dad who exercised more influence than any vice-president in memory. Without him, Saddam would still be in charge of Iraq, looking for his own WMD. Without him, Colin Powell would still have been the voice of American foreign policy.

But now Cheney is shaky and absolutely no mover. Every time he climbs into some bully pulpit and snarls defiance, Bush's ratings slide again. The party looks out three years and sees contenders circling. Condoleezza Rice has said she'd never stand, which leaves John McCain, a favourite again at 67; Rudy Giuliani, if memories for 9/11 last; George Pataki, from Albany - and many more. The current party of government is future-obsessed. The Oval Office it holds is a pear-shaped irrelevance."