Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Democrats Have No Plans And No Message"

This is one of the few remaining mantras that those on the right are clinging to. We couldn't really do much to counter it before due to the Republican domination of both houses, the committees therein and the submissive main stream media laying down at the feet of the right.

But now things are different. The curtain is fraying and we are beginning to see the scared little men working the levers feverishly behind it to keep up their fabricated illusion. It's time to frame out our plan to welcome in those who are finally seeing through this administration.

I submit the following Plan, or Message, that we can lay as the foundation to build upon:
As a unified party, our primary focus is to undo the damage caused to this Nation, and the World, by the Bush Administration.
Pretty simplistic isn't it? From that foundation we can pledge to present a Presidential candidate and Senatorial candidates that will sign on to this plan and work towards reversing the decay this administration has allowed and encouraged to take hold and spread.

First and foremost, we need a fresh administration that can demonstrably show it's difference from the previous administration. Friendly, respectable faces that will reignite the symbolic torch and guiding light of freedom and progression that so many formerly respected. We need new people with new and forward-thinking perspectives to come to the various tables around the world with a message of "We're sorry, we kind of lost sight of our ethos after 9/11. We suffered a form of post traumatic shock on a National scale. We hope you are able to forgive us and perhaps understand our plight and desire to get back on our former track."

Let's take the hood and electrodes off this wonderful Nation and look forward with the resolve to install measures that make sure we don't get hijacked again.

UPDATE: ID Reader Antifa posts the comment I've been expecting:
"I'm sorry, but this is a horrible Democratic slogan, and mission.

It is reactionary. "We are the un-Republicans."

We need to be thinking THROUGH the Republicans, not just pushing back a little bit, cleaning up after them like good little children. This slogan portrays us as the maids of the nation."
I respectfully disagree Antifa. First off, we have to be reactionary. Not in the extreme conservative sense of the word, but rather in the literal sense. By default, we must react to the corrupt and inept governing perpetrated by this administration.

Furthermore, I believe the message I laid out above can welcome in Republicans that have been abandoned by this administration. There is a large, and growing, segment of Republicans that have woken up to the reality of who is steering their boat - a proverbial jackal in elephant's clothing. Their agenda is contra to the values which true republicans embrace.

Again, let me stress that the message I laid out is a foundation. I believe that in as short as five to six months, there will be fertile soil in this nation to plant such a message.

And yes, we can play the role of maids to this nation, someone desperately needs to. Only I wouldn't suggest using the term 'maid', but rather something like 'reconstruction foremen.'

To analogize for a moment... this country has been slowly flooded with the dark waters and muck of this neocon cabal. Like New Orleans after the flood waters receded, we wouldn't expect people to just move back in and go on with their lives. There must be a period of clean-up, followed by damage asessment and then rebuilding.

Again, this is merely a suggestion to counter the "Democrats have no agenda" talking point. Feel free to debate this issue further in the comments section. Or, better yet, build upon it.

UPDATE: ID Reader Henry comments:
"Seconding Antifa: it's not a program and it leads to DLC Clintonian triangulation and school uniforms... So what is that message? Pro-worker, pro-family, pro-peace, pro-environment, pro-education. Simplistic? Sure. Needs development? Of course. But it's a crucial set of dividing lines that the Dems should adopt if they want to stop wandering in the wilderness--even though most Americans support their general policy goals.