Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Frist Shoots First, Takes Aim Later

The hilarious stumbling and clustermuck debacle continues for the GOP and it's gearless leaders.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist called for a senate investigation to find out who may have leaked info about secret CIA prisons to the Washington Post. Nevermind the fact that he should be calling for a senate investigation into whether and why these prisons actually exist.

Evidently the letter that Frist sent off to Peter Hoekstra and Pat Roberts was folded like a boomerang because it came back to hit him in square in the face. It wasn't long after Frist called for the investigation that Trent Lott came out saying that the source of the leak was likely a GOP Senator or staffer.
"Trent Lott stunned reporters by declaring that this subject was actualy discussed at a Senate Republican luncheon, Republican senators only, last tuesday the day before the story ran in the Washington Post. Lott noted that Vice President Cheney was also in the room for that discussion and Lott said point blank "a lot of it came out of that room last tuesday, pointing to the room where the lunch was held in the capitol." He added of senators "we can't keep our mouths shut." He added about the vice president, "He was up here last wek and talked up here in that room right there in a roomful of nothing but senators and every word that was said in there went right to the newspaper." He said he believes when all is said and done it may wind up as an ethics investigation of a Republican senator, maybe a Republican staffer as well." (Source: CNN via Eschaton)
This should get interesting...