Monday, November 07, 2005

Rove: USS Fitzgerald Is On His Trail

Why reinvent the wheel when Pachacutec laid it out so nicely over at firedoglake:
The weakness of the Fitzgerald investigation - that it does not play to the press - is also its strength, for two reasons.

The first we have already discussed: by refusing to play politics, Fitzgerald insulates himself from much criticism, keeping his mystique of fearsome incorruptibility. You had better believe that indefatigable, Dudly Do-Right aura plays on the minds of his prey.

This leads to my second point. Since the Fitzgerald operation runs something like a submarine - occasionally surfacing, or otherwise making its presence known by firing a shot - it also has the opportunity to maximize its impact by the element of surprise.

Stroll with me through the following imaginary scenario. Fitzy's submarine submerges for a while. The political process plays out as the president and his minions weaken. The fallout form the original indictment takes its toll. Then, from a political point of view, the situation stabilizes, reaches an equilibrium.

Maybe Bush even regains a couple of points in the polls, and the public begins to forget about our friend Patrick. Lord knows, there will still be plenty of bad news for the administration occupying the public mind, from home heating prices to Iraq to whatever.

Then comes the next Fitzy strike.

Boom. A new surge of indictment news. The public, having thought perhaps it was all over, sees that it is not. The next shot Fitzy fires draws more blood, and closer to the President. Suddenly, that new, provisional equilbrium bottoms out, with a degree of force equivalent to the level of surprise associated with it.

That makes for a very unstable situation, wheras the danger of Fitzy being in the news every day is that his investigation becomes mundane, perhaps to the point of inoculating the public to the story.

I am quite happy to see the legal side of the story fade for a while. Let's allow everyone to digest what happened in ths first round, and maybe even get comfortable. The next shock could drop the polls below 30% and bring about the unequivocal implosion of the GOP, at a time even closer to the '06 midterms.

Take your time, Patrick. That's my advice.

Take your time, my friend.

Just some thoughts.