Friday, November 11, 2005

Scott Mclellan's Head Will Explode Today

He's been on the ropes and bleeding for the past few weeks. But today the tires will come off for old Scotty boy I believe. He's had the "ongoing investigation" line to hide behind but that won't protect him from the now rabid White House press pool. Like an ultimate fighter who's just landed a knee to the face of their opponent, they smell blood and they are looking for every opportunity to skewer the staggering Press Secretary.

I believe the knockout blow may come today, IF Scott shows up at the podium.

The reason I think today is the day is because of the story that is gaining strength and momentum involving an altered press briefing transcript.

In short, during the Oct. 31st press gaggle, Mclellan responded "That's accurate" to a question from David Gregory that concluded that Rove was involved with the Plame leak to reporters. The only problem is that the White House transcript of the press gaggle had Scott's response as "I don't think that is accurate." Two other transcription services listed the response as "That's accurate" and when they were contacted by the White House to change their transcripts, they stood fast and refused. (Source: Wonkette)

I'm confident that he will get peppered with questions about this tomorrow and he won't be able to spout the "ongoing investigation" line.

Watch out Scotty, we know what your bosses wanted you to say.