Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day :: 2005

My Grandfather the pilot. Career military man. The photo above is a photo of him flying an early P-51 Mustang above Texas during training. He flew P-51's in the European theater during WWII. Helicopter instructor/pilot in Vietnam. Civil Air Patrol in Southern California. Veteran Reno Air Race Pilot - #11 "Come On Eleven" in the 1970's. One of my earliest memories, at 5 yrs old, was flying with him and looking up (we were inverted) at the patchwork quilt of greens and browns of the southern California landscape. I was always in awe of him. I still am.

This handsome guy is my uncle. Veteran of combat action in Danang, Vietnam. His strength, clarity of mind and perseverance is an inspiration and model I try to follow. Recent example of his ability to grab the bulls by the horn: His next door neighbor's house caught on fire and while everyone retreated to a slackjawed stare, he sprung into action and doused the blaze single handedly. I was amazed and convinced the fire was already too far along. He's the guy you want around when things go bad.

Thank you to these fine gentlemen and to all the those who have served and are currently serving.