Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Welcome Back, Bush

President Bush touched down on American soil last night after his week long, lackluster tour of Asia. While he may have been able to escape Washington and get in some quality biking time in China, his current woes dogged him the whole way.

He appears befuddled that these problems aren't just disappearing like they used to. In fact, they're gaining steam and his previous handmaidens are recoiling from him as if he had shown up on a child molester's database.

The now famous door incident is very symbolic in many ways. Foremost, it conjurs up an image of his "Stay the course" mantra for Iraq and lack of an exit strategy. It was easy to notice that once he had checked both doors and no portal had materialized, he simply gave up and stared at the crowd. If he were to follow his own strategy in Iraq, he would have knocked the door down, or at least tried. Better yet, he would have at least looked for another exit. I've been curious as to how he got to the podium? Did he enter through those doors only to have them get locked behind him? Did he enter through the backdrop that he finally exited through and just forgot his previous route?

For me, it is just another example of how this President chokes under pressure.