Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why Can't Bill O'Reilly Just Apologize?

First he invites terrorism on San Francisco, then he blames "a well funded effort to slime the Radio Factor" and now he's just calling what he said "satire."

Has fathead learned nothing from this debacle? He's trying to sluff the situation off like it's no big deal, but we are going into the 3rd day of him commenting on his shows about this. As I understand it, O'reilly hasn't given other serious stories this much airtime, so he's obviously feeling the heat.

I'm no friend of Bill O'Reilly, not by a long shot. In fact, I'm hoping that this blog makes his list of "anti-military Internet crowd" sites that he's threatening to publish on his website. But, one must wonder why he can't just suck it up and apologize for the Coit Tower portion of his statement.... oh wait, that's right, it's his blimp-sized ego that's preventing him from doing the right thing.

As I said in an earlier blog entry:
He just picked a fight with the stronghold of the left. It's the equivalent of mocking a rival school by antagonizing their rugby team with icy hot in their jockstraps. In his weakened state, it wasn't the brightest move he could make. But then again, consider the source.
He's going to have a tough time getting out of this hornet's nest because the activist nature of San Francisco is relentless. They will not stop until he either apologizes or is fired. Being the top rated show at Faux News (good lord, why?) pretty much negates the latter of those routes.

So, It will continue on and people like me will keep prodding him until he folds.

UPDATE: ID Reader and blogger extrodinaire "Ace Cowboy" provides another good angle:
"See, I think fighting with this guy is the wrong move. You have to EMBARRASS him into apologizing.

I think a good strategy would be something like, "Deep down, Bill O'Reilly really likes the Coit Tower, because it subconsciously reminds him of a giant vibrator, and we read all about his love for vibrators.""