Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why Did Bob Woodward Sit On This Egg?

I'm having a hard time understanding Bob Woodward's motivation for keeping his involvement in the Plamegate case secret. The investigation of Plame's outing has been public for more than 2 years now. The entire world sat in collective anticipation of Patrick Fitzgerald's findings for weeks as the indictments were imminent. Yet Bob Woodward just sits idly by, telling no one about what he knows. What are we to call this absurd behavior? Journalistic Kitty Genovese Syndrome?

It would be a slightly different matter if he hadn't been a regular commentator on this issue. Take, for instance, the following statements by Woodward about Plamegate:
"He has called Patrick J. Fitzgerald a "junkyard dog prosecutor" and said in interviews this year that the damage done by Plame's name being revealed in the media was "quite minimal." He told NPR this past summer, "When I think all of the facts come out in this case, it's going to be laughable because the consequences are not that great." (Source:
I find it disturbing that Woodward would be so cavalier about spinning this issue in favor of the White House while now stating "I hunkered down. I'm in the habit of keeping secrets. I didn't want anything out there that was going to get me subpoenaed." Isn't that just a perfect summation of every deceitful person's crutch? He can't have it both ways. By "hunkering down" does he mean that he just wore shoes without lifts? Nonsense.

The jury is still out on this development. He is still imitating a clam on several key issues. But, we will be watching with extreme interest.