Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wilson Wants Internal WaPo Probe Of Woodward

Joe Wilson chimed in today with a statement that suggested The Washington Post should haul in Woodward and give him a good probing. He also went a little further.

From the Boston Globe article:
"Wilson, a former ambassador turned White House critic, told Reuters that The Washington Post should reveal the name of Woodward's source, and conduct an inquiry to determine why he withheld the information for more than two years from his editors and the federal prosecutor."
Further down in the article:
"A White House official said on Thursday that national security adviser Stephen Hadley was not Woodward's source on Plame. According to current and former administration officials and lawyers, neither was: President George W. Bush himself, top political adviser Karl Rove, Libby, White House chief of staff Andrew Card, counselor Dan Bartlett, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former CIA director George Tenet, and former deputy CIA director John McLaughlin."
Still noticably absent from the list is VP Cheney.