Saturday, November 19, 2005

Wonder Fitz Powers! Form Of: A New Grand Jury

After a seemingly endless barrage of body blows to the administration, Fitz goes upstairs and lands a solid uppercut to the jaw in the form of a fresh and new Grand Jury.

A collective groan resonates across the red states and the White House as a whole new volume in this enthralling series begins.

Of course, this was no surprise to most of us that have been paying attention.

Who is the focus of Fitzgerald now? Who was Bob Woodward's mysterious source? Just about everyone except for Cheney has had a spokesman come forth and say it wasn't their boss. The noose is tightening and Dubya isn't going to have a good landing when he returns from his trip abroad.

Rather, he'll likely walk into a putrid stench of the rotting meat emanating from his cabinet members.