Saturday, November 19, 2005

Woodward Lets Pissed Off Cat Out Of Bag

Jane Hamsher has burned some midnight oil on the Woodward issue over at firedoglake and we all reap the rewards.

In short, she has managed to put together a string of contradictory and seemingly false statements by Bob Woodward in regards to when he finally came clean with his boss, the editor of The Washington Post, Len Downie.

To me, the signifigance of these contradictory statements goes to Woodward's motivation for doing so. Based on Jane's amazing ability to put together a complex puzzle, an image slowly forms of a coughing, stumbling Woodward that has just been smoked out of a hiding spot. He almost seems bewildered.

Now, I'm no detective, but I have worked in some compliance roles with regards to securities and derivatives trading and this smacks a familiar tone. I've questioned traders before on questionable trades and it was easy to tell which ones did so out of ignorance and which ones were scheming and hoping they wouldn't get caught. The guys that were not following the rules on purpose would often change their stories because of the complex nature of trade reporting and the regulations that govern most exchanges. In other words, as they would give their series of events, I would point out how that couldn't be possible for reason X and they would change it up a bit. Not a good idea.

Woodward doesn't know what Fitz knows and he's breaking down like a San Francisco Chronicle in the rain.

Should've let that cat out when it was doing that long deep growl, Bob-O. Tsk, tsk.

(Hat tip to Jane for the graphic inspiration)