Monday, December 05, 2005

9/11 Report Card: Bush Totally Off Track

Look, I dont' like beating up on this administration continually, but this is ridiculous. 4 years, 100's of billions of dollars, erosion of freedoms and constitutional rights, disjointed and upside down strategy for combatting terrorism, death, destruction, mangled reputation of the US and no signs of anything changing anytime soon.

Some of the more in depth, interesting pieces:

SF Gate: Sept 11th Panel: US Remains Unprepared
Financial Times: US Commission Hits At 'Shocking' Post-9/11 Failures
ABCNews: 9/11 Panel Faults White House, Congress

Google Round-Up news search on this issue

Daily Dissent points out the Bush administration is pointing fingers at the Republican controlled congress for not getting the job done. Another example of prime Bush Strategery.