Friday, December 02, 2005

Bush Is Merely Ornamental

I've always been terribly unimpressed by Bush's performance at podiums and lately he's taken on a new degree of incompetence from a leadership perspective. He mailed in his 'Victory In Iraq' speech in my opinion. It was fraught with nervousness and nervous jaw ticks, pauses and whats worse is that it ultimately rang hollow. A very poor performance. That is not to say that I'm just judging him on his appearance, the content of his message was weak and repetitive.

His recent trip to Asia was a trainwreck from a diplomatic perspective. While he managed to refrain from puking on anyone, he had the equal impression on the other leaders and dignitaries I'm sure.

He used to have a certain air about him that most defined as "swagger". I could see it, but I was never impressed by it because it struck me as arrogance that was thinly veiling total incompetence. The last remnants of that swagger is now gone and Bush is left naked and vulnerable. The worst part is that he lets it show. His eyes are vapid and his expressions are melancholy. He feels sorry for himself.

We need a new leader. The time has come for Bush to step down. He's been neutered politically and he is not the person who should be steering this country. He's like the Captain of the Exxon Valdez, absent and preoccupied while America drifts aimlessly through waters filled with approaching hazards.