Monday, December 12, 2005

Ford Folds Under Pressure

The fundamentalists strike again with their anti-homosexual crusade. This time they struck the fatal blow to Ford Motor Company's advertising campaigns in various Gay publications. Not only did they succeed in getting Ford to stop their ads that targeted Gay consumers, but apparently they got them to stop buying ad space altogether. Ford responded that they will still be buying ads for their Volvo line in several Gay magazines.

A right-leaning friend of mine likened this move to when several gay rights groups lobbied to get Michael Savage and Dr. Laura knocked off their new television shows. I told him that I thought that was an asinine comparison.

I used the analogy of a Ford Mustang. That it is much easier and safer to drive a car forward. Savage and Dr. Laura, like these gay hating groups that dogged Ford, are trying to drive our society in reverse. They are driven by hate and exlcusion and are trying to keep the gay segment of our population under the tires.