Saturday, December 03, 2005

Karl Rove Out Of Options

Rove Roundup:

This article from Media Matters does a great job of summing up the wall that is headed quickly towards Rove.

Think Progress underscores the obvious with an article titled "A Bad Sign For Karl Rove".

Jane Hamsher, leading plameologist, scooped everyone by succinctly pointing the finger at Viveca Novak for kicking down information to Robert Luskin (Rove's Attorney).

The Moderate Voice frames up the idea that the White House is sharpening their knives and dusting off the chopping block for Rove.

This was charming, no doubt: but they shortly found out That the Captain they trusted so well Had only one notion for crossing the ocean, And that was to tingle his bell.
- Lewis Carroll; The Hunting of the Snark (l. 105-108).