Monday, December 12, 2005

Rumsfeld Plays Dominoes With Kissinger?

Ok, this is too weird. Raw Story is reporting that Donald Rumsfeld had dinner with Henry Kissinger last thursday in Washington, DC.

The reason I find this strange is that it comes on the heels of a December 5th speech that Rumsfeld gave wherein he stated:
"Iraq would serve as the base of a new Islamic caliphate to extend throughout the Middle East, and which would threaten legitimate governments in Europe, Africa and Asia. This is their plan. They have said so. We make a terrible mistake if we fail to listen and learn."
As the article I cited above states, Rumsfeld sure seems to be trying to invoke the flawed Domino Theory from Kissinger's days. Why is he playing this card now? Is Kissinger trying to put Rumsfeld back in line for trying to fly such a hole-filled kite with no wind?

Or is it something more benign like Kissinger offering Rummy a slot at his consulting firm, Kissinger and Associates?

We shall see.