Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rush Limbaugh Fleeces His Ditto-Heads

I was speaking to a good friend last night and we commenced our regular swapping of current and political events. If we were somehow transformed into Dungeons and Dragons characters, we would both be classified as 9th Level News Mongers. In other words, rarely do we catch each other off guard with an unknown news item.

Last night was an exception to that rule. My fellow news junkie floored me with the revelation of the Rush Limbaugh "Adopt A Soldier" program. Sounds benign and perhaps even honorable at first. Well, one should always be suspicious if Rush is involved. I offered up my laptop and he directed us to Rush's lair on the web. Sure enough, on his front page, there is a large graphic for the "Adopt A Soldier" scam.

Why is it a scam? Here's how it works... there are two buttons for you to click on. You choose button one if you want to adopt a soldier, click on button two if you are currently a soldier. Then the incredibly complex database matches a soldier with the kind donation of one of the charitable donors.

So what is it that these folks are donating? Could it be much needed body armor? Perhaps scraps of steel for their Hum Vees? Sand repelling lubricating oil for their guns? Tasty baked goods from nice little old ladies? What goodness is Rush spreading to the troops?

None of the above. The adopted soldier is the proud recipient of a annual subscription to Rush Limbaugh's "24/7" newsletter! How exciting and useful! What's more is that Rush only charges $49.95 to each donor for the subscription rate. In fact, he states that the $49.95 is a "reduced rate". How incredibly kind of him.

I've seen these newsletters at a ditto-head relative's house. They are very light on both content and pages, thus the term "newsletter" and not "magazine". I subscribe to a couple magazines and the subscriptions for both don't even come close to $49.95.

The only thing I can gather is that the printing company that prints this newsletter charges him an inflated fee because all the crap he writes about spurts, sprays and gunks up all the printing presses and equipment operators.