Friday, December 09, 2005

Tom Delay Gets Hammered With... A Delay

In a move that will likely strip Tom Delay of his leadership status, Texas Judge Pat Priest denied a motion to dismiss all charges against Tom Delay. Judge Priest dismissed conspiracy charges against Delay, but let stand 2 charges of money laundering against the beleaguered former House Majority Leader.

Delay's lawyer still wants those charges dismissed before the new year, but by all accounts that seems unlikely. That would set the stage for a trial to begin in January. A trial of even moderate length would almost guarantee that House Republicans would bring in a new Majority Leader and Delay would be left out in the cold.

Interestingly enough, these charges are wholly separate from the mounting storm on the Jack Abramoff front. Many who are watching the Abramoff debacle unfold believe that it will extend to ensnare Delay as well.