Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here Comes The Smokescreen

An indictment in your administration got you down? Your war not going over well with the American people? Populace complaining about high energy costs? Approval ratings in freefall? Your pet attorney and SCOTUS candidate falls flat on her face and pulls out of the race? God angry with you and throwing freakish, swirling air masses at your shores?

A lesser man would develop a nervous jaw tick... no, a habit of frowning... uh, an ashen complexion... anyway, that isn't important. What is important for the leader of the most powerful nation on earth is how to manage these problems and turn the ship around. Certainly that MBA will come in handy because running a country is obviously just like running a business. Forget the fact that if this country were a business right now, the windows would be papered over and any inventory would be auctioned to pay off creditors.

This is the long way for me to timestamp the move I predict Bush, and his psuedo-reinstalled brain, will make tomorrow:

10:13 AM EST tomorrow, BREAKING NEWS and ACHTUNG! news graphics will be flying everywhere with news of Bush picking his new Supreme Court Justice nomination.

I'm not certain who it will be, but to maximize impact and stamina of the smokescreen it will be a very conservative pick to realign his base.

The best move for the talking heads and pundits on the left would be to divert, divert, divert attention back to the current indictment and its inherent, hanging issues. Respond with phrases like "Yes, it os an interesting SCOUTUS nomination, but that issue will play out in time... I'm more concerned about Rove, Cheney and Libby and the upcoming trial." It is important to keep those names out there and to keep repeating them.

: Timestamp :

Update: Oct 30, 2005 :: 11:38 PM: Hahahaha! Well, that didn't take long... the White House just announced that Bush will be making his SCOTUS pick tomorrow.

Update: Oct 31, 2005 :: 10:12 AM: Boy can I pick them or what? Bush nominates Samuel Alito for the bench. Apparently he is pretty conservative and democrats are already calling this pick "needlessly provocative". Bush is trying to rally the troops folks. Keep your eyes on the prize people, the indictment and pending trial are the issue. The supreme court nomination will play out in time.

Scooter, Clinton Comparisons: Apples And Oranges

Anyone else getting tired of the comparisons of Clinton and Libby? Any such comparison is apples and oranges in my opinion.

At the heart of most comparisons by those who would defend this administration and Libby, you will find the 'perjury' charge. "Clinton lied, Scooter lied... therefore they are equal on that charge." From a legal and technical perspective, they are correct. However, one would also be correct in saying that a tent and a brick house are both shelters from a storm. It is necessary to look past the perjury charge and look at what they were/are lying (in Libby's case, alledgedly lying) to protect.

One must look at the size of the shadow that each perjury charge casts.

Clinton tried to wriggle past the definition given of 'sexual encounter' in an effort to avoid public embarassment for himself and his family. That was literally the extent of the reason for Clinton lying to the Grand Jury.

Libby has four charges of lying leveled against him, two false statments on separate occasions to FBI agents and two perjury charges for lying on two separate occasions to a grand jury. You must ask yourself this: What was Libby's motivation for alledgedly lying? It is apparent to most cogent folk that Libby was lying to protect Cheney and the administration from Fitzgerald discovering that the administration was sniping it's critics in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. This is a much larger and far reaching shadow than Clintons'. Libby's shadow has many tenticles that potentially branch off into invading other countries on trumped up evidence. It also branches off into the fact that 2000 of our soldiers have died and so have tens of thousands of deaths Iraqi citzens.

Another major difference is that there was no underlying crime behind Clinton's perjury. If he had admitted that there were instances of sexual encounters, there would be no repercussions other than Hilary possibly filing for divorce. However, if Libby had told the truth that he did give Valerie Wilson's name and position to Miller et al; then he still has legal issues facing him in the form of outing an undercover operative at the CIA.

There are many other differences here that I will try to outline later. Alas, my daughter and I are going out to carve some pumpkins. She will play the part of Ken Starr and carve a small pumpkin with a dull butterknife. I will be playing the part of Fitz and carving a giant pumpkin with skill and multiple sharp instruments.

Update :: Oct 30, 2005 : 3:41 pm : ThinkingWoman over at Democratic Underground succinctly quipped:
"The reason I'm not tired of the comparisons is because it gives me the chance to explain exactly how they compare and how they contrast, all at the expense of the yahoo who brought it up. I love pointing out that if lying under oath about sex was bad, that lying under oath about compromising national security is worse...treason in fact."
There you go, now this argument can cut both ways if you encounter a Libby = Clinton type.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

I've already made my view known that this case is far from over, but here's a visual interpretation. Once again, we offer up a free, much larger version to use as a background. Enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas Moves Into Fhanukkah Stage

Aside from the indictment coming down today, one other thing was crystal clear... Patrick Fitzgerald isn't done with this issue. So rather than one day of giftmas, we may be looking at multiple days of press conferences and indictments like the one today. It really depends on the main stream media keeping the heat on the issue. They definitely seemed to have woken up after Libby and his ridiculously inane web of lies paying off with a solid and serious indictment. The vultures of the press have picked up the scent of a wounded animal in this administration and now they are circling and waiting for an excuse to come down and dine.

Fitzgerald kept it together, yet he seemed genuinely angry that these guys have been jerking him around this whole time. He knows that something is afoot with this administration and I believe he will step up the pressure on Scooter now that he is separated from the pack. Scooter is vulnerable and he must know that the lies he told the grand jury have hobbled him and just about any chance he has to escape justice.

This puts Fitzgerald in a power position and Cheney and Rove must be sweating.

Why Did The Market React Positively Today?

Dow closes up 172 points and begins its tear upward after the indictment is handed up? You may be scratching your head trying to figure out why.

I've worked in trading and the financial industry for 10 years now and this is no surprise. The market is reactionary and hates to be in limbo when a big news item is pending. "Buy the rumor, sell the news" is an old adage, yet in this case there was a lot at stake and the lock-tight seal on the investigation gave traders no edge on which trail to speculatively follow.

Politics aside, and from a market standpoint, this was good news. I can assure you it would have been a different matter if Rove had also been indicted.

Which, I believe, means there may be some hard days on the market in the near future.

Fitzgerald Is Setting Up The Dominoes Here

After taking in all of Fitz's press conference and then reflecting on the porch over a cup of coffee, the image of a domino chain came to me. I believe that Fitzgerald has just kicked over the first domino and he has others set up behind it. Sure, it may happen in slow motion, but the people involved are administration big wigs and we all know from cartoons and movies that giants move and fall in slow motion due to their size.

The Indictment (PDF format - thanks to Think Progress) is in slight opposition with Fitzgerald's press conference wherein he stated, repeatedly, that he will not comment on anyone not indicted. Yet, we do have some clues from this passage in the indictment:
"21. On or about July 10 or July 11, 2003, LIBBY spoke to a senior official in the White House (“Official A”) who advised LIBBY of a conversation Official A had earlier that week with columnist Robert Novak in which Wilson’s wife was discussed as a CIA employee involved in Wilson’s trip. LIBBY was advised by Official A that Novak would be writing a story about Wilson’s wife." (emphasis mine)
You can bet your ass that "Official A" is Karl Rove. By eluding to Karl in the indictment, it fuels the talk of his involvement and leaves the door open for further investigation.

Again, this is far from over. The only thing that expired today was the current grand jury. Fitzgerald can put a new grand jury in place and proceed. Given that the administration drug its feet, allegedly lied and stonewalled on many occasions, it ate up alot of the time that was alloted to the grand jury and thus a new grand jury should be assigned to find out why.

Scooter Libby: Idiotus Maximus

I'm finding it hard to type with my head spinning from the news coming in at all angles. We know for certain that Libby has been tagged with 5 serious charges and has resigned. What we don't know is how many other people in this administration are as stupid as he is. All indications outlined in the indictment show very sloppy and fool-hearted actions on the part of Libby.

I'm hearing pundits on various channels exclaiming this as a victory for the Whitehouse because Rove hasn't been named in the indictments. I don't agree. Let's see what Fitz has to say when he gives his announcement.

We've made it to the top of the stairs, now the battle begins. This isn't over by a longshot.

ReddHedd and Jane Hamsher over at firedoglake are doing a superb job at covering this as it happens...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is Scooter Going Down?

While the Fitzmas gun has been jumped more times than a meth-addict track event this week, word has it that Scooter will get slapped with an idictment tomorrow. (Source: NYTimes)

I'd continue on, but this intrepid reporter is on the road searching far and wide for the truth and... ok, ok... I'm at my Mom's house and her computer is acting really janky.

More tomorrow! Sleep tight.

Is Fitzgerald Ready For The GOP Smear?

Don't kid yourselves folks, the GOP mud and smears are already loaded in the trebuchets and the ropes are pulled taught. They've tried to launch some attacks that have failed miserably so far - for instance, the Hutchinson 'perjury is nothing' attempt on Hardball.

The GOP doesn't know how to operate in this environment with the effectiveness they need. They function better in a reactionary role. They will decide their plan once Fitzgerald plays his cards and, to date, he's holding them very close to his vest. It will be imperative for any mud that is slung to not come from Bush, he has already praised Fitzgerald in statements.

I for one think that Patrick Fitzgerald is more than adept and is well prepared to fend off just about anything that comes his way.

I think firedoglake regular summed it up beautifully when he posted this comment at firedoglake about Fitzgerald and the confidence he projects (posted with permission):

There's Something About Patrick

It's weird, isn't it, how many of us feel as if we know this guy, that we understand him?

In my case, I'm also from NY, Catholic school and high school, just a bit removed from shanty Irish on my Dad's side, and about his age, just a wee bit younger (39). I feel like I get this guy, like I "know" him.

But as I read everyone's comments about him, a lot of us feel that way, from whatever background.

Is it our projection? In part, absolutely. We have a lot of our hopes pinned on him so we project a lot of our feelings onto him, our motivations. We're also hungry for an apolitical, honest hero, someone who restores some honor and character to our government, who can renew some of our faith in our public institutions.

But I think it's more than that.

We, and others, can smell that this guy does not have a hidden, egotistical agenda. The anecdote about the photos of him captures that, but we can all smell it.

The herd can smell a phony. If I may say so, it's what people smelled about Kerry. But not this guy. Even his targets can smell that this guy is genuine. Very good at what he does (which is also why we like him), but genuine.

The rumpled suit only makes him endearing. He's Columbo without the tics and affectations. He has all these bastards figured out, and he proceeds at his own pace, allowing them to ensnare themselves in the thicket of their own lies. And he makes them underestimate him. A man with no ego can eat an egomaniac for lunch, because the egomaniac will underestimate him, and can't buy him.

There's something about Patrick. We can all sense it. He reminds us of America at its best. He reminds us of ourselves at our best. He's human and flawed, for sure, but we can't help but like him, and that fat briefcase he carries, and what it could mean for all of us, for the whole country.
Update: Like the Image up top? I made a pseudo-wallpaper version that is availble here. Just click on the link and the right-click > 'Save as' to save image. Courtesy of Inflatable Dartboard.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All Eyes On The Whitehouse

The pressure cooker is left on for another day and the pundits are feeling the heat. It's funny to watch anyone who steps up to or clips on a mic these days. The responses range from everybody within a four square block radius of the Whitehouse being indicted to no one being indicted - even if they did commit perjury.

The Blogopool is just as much of a fun zone right now. It reminds me of the time when I was a kid, waiting in line outside the theater on the opening day of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. I was with my parents and a friend they let me bring along. There was a low hum of electricity that was generated by the excited crowd, everyone was chatting and giggling. I overheard little stories that were pure speculation, like Han Solo and Chewbacca joining the Imperial Forces. Traitors?! Impossible! I thought. I heard other stories that sounded plausible but didn't pan out. Then there was the moment when a couple exiting the previous showing walked right by the line and said loudly and unintentionally "Wow! I can't believe Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father!". A good portion of the line wanted to lynch them, including me.

That is how it is here where people blog. People on both the left and right are nervous with anticipation. There has been almost a good two weeks of pure down time while we wait for the indictments. Sure, some verified leaks have come in and stirred the pool even more, but for the most part it has been an environment for everyone to share their opinion.

Some people, like myself, have found humor - mixed with facts - to be a good avenue. Alot of the humor (read: Fitzmas) has been at the expense of the right, but I accept that as well. For too long the left has been in the doghouse. Pushed and held there for various reasons, we have not had much to find solace in. Now that there is a glimmer, no, a bright shaft of intense light, we can't help but bask in it.

Fitzmas Interruptus: ACLU Seeks Injunction

Well, Fitzmas is on hold. Early this morning, several ACLU lawyers wandered around the Washington mall, trying to deliver a cease and desist order in reference to the term 'Fitzmas'. The order apparently is demanding, in terms of fairness, that the terms 'Fwanzaa', 'Fanukkah' and 'Framadan' be included when Fitzmas is mentioned.

The lawyers spent the better part of the morning trying to find someone to serve the order to. "We're not sure which governmental office handles such a holiday." said ACLU lawyer Jack Mehoffer.

Finally, a transient wearing a santa hat took the order and promised to get right on it.

Oh, and apparently Inflatable Dartboard has received it's first major piece of network coverage! Semblance gave us the heads-up that we were featured during Ron Reagan's show 'Connected: Coast to Coast' on MSNBC. They had a big screenshot of the page and were knocking us for jumping the gun on the Fitzmas Eve thing. Well, apparently they didn't hear about the above story! If anyone finds a stream or a transcript, I'd love to see it!

Update :: Oct 26, 2005 : 1:56 am : Credit for the term 'Fitzmas Interruptus' belongs squarely to reader

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Don't Forget: Milk And Cookies For Fitzmas

Word on the street is that target letters have been sent out and indictments are likely to be announced tomorrow.

Ol' Saint Fitz will certainly be hungry after sifting through all the paperwork and seedy minutiae while trying to figure out who's getting lumps of coal in the Bush administration.

Note: He's allergic to peanuts, so no peanuts folks.

Get to bed early tonight kiddies, tomorrow will be an exhausting day!

Oh, and if you're having trouble sleeping, we've rigged up the 'Fitzmas Tracker'. Just like the Santa Tracker's on Christmas Eve, we've tagged Mr. Fitzgerald with a small GPS device and we're currently tracking him around DC. You can watch it here:

Update :: 9:07PM EST:

Update :: 12:03AM EST:

Update :: 1:25AM EST:

Merry Fitzmas to all!

Phelps Hate Church Soars To New Lows

Signs at recent protest:
What the signs read on other side:

An undercover reporter slipped into Fred Phelps infamous Westboro Baptist Church and got him to comment on the recent subway bombings in London, England:
"Oh I am so thankful that happened. My only regret is that they didn't kill about million of them. England deserves that kind of punishment, as does this country (America)". (Source: SKYNEWS)
Fred Phelps and his 150 followers are known for their incredibly sensitive habit of showing up at funerals of gay people and protest nearby with signs reading "God hates fags" and "Aids cures fags".
Check out the fun they had on one of their latest 'pickets' from 2 days ago:
"Our last picket was shooting fish in a barrel at Holy Family Cathedral Catholic Church. Filthy pervert after filthy pervert passed by us as we asked them why they are taking their children in to be raped, and why they fund the largest pedophile machine that the world has ever known. Rather than face that monster, they cussed us, and threatened violence,like all good Catholics do." (Source: GHF)
Hello? You attack people with veiled threats, inflame the situation with signs attacking their faith and then whine when they cuss and threaten violence?

These Phelps followers are religious parasites. They sould gather in a petri-dish rather than a guilded building of worship.

I'll be the last person to try to deny the right to assemble for these blockheads, however, it does warrant some questions. Does it really qualify as a protest? What are they protesting at a funeral? The fact that the person died? That would mean that they prefer him/hir alive. But then their signs would be useless. So they aren't protesting, they are encouraging death. Phelps' own words confirm that. Should that be protected as free speech?

I'd love to find some data on the ranks of this 'church'. Has their congregation waxed or waned since it's inception? Do they enjoy non-profit status?

Worst Job In Washington: Scott Mclellan's

I am actually scheduling in Scott Mclellan's daily press briefings so I can watch them.

The deep belly laughs I get are great therapy for me. The poor guy must want to put a drill through his frontal lobe to escape from Helen Thomas.

The only honorable thing for him to do is turn in his resignation. I, for one, would understand.

:: I'm waiting for the transcript to come up over at the site to highlight some of today's highlights ::

Bush: The Lion In Winter

The swagger of the once and mighty king has faded.
(This is primarily an art post)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cheney In His Last Throes?

The fog is lifting and things are coming into focus slowly in the Plame leak case. The New York times is reporting that Scooter Libby first learned of Plame's name from the Halliburton Honcho himself, Vice President Richard Cheney. Fitzgerald is in posession of Libby's notes from a meeting with Cheney in June 2003 that reportedly show that is when he learned the name of the undercover agent.

According to the article, Cheney learned the name from then CIA director, George Tenet.

The thing that I want to know is why was Libby suggesting that he learned the name from the Press just last week if he had notes that showed where he got it? :cough: coverup :cough:

This one is hot and most certainly Developing...

Blog Focus: firedoglake

I've been spending a good amount of time over at firedoglake lately and I highly recommend others do the same. I'm unfamiliar with the whole 'team blogging' thing, but ReddHedd, Loren and Jane Hamsher seem to have it dialed.

Their style of writing varies enough to keep things fresh and compelling, but their true strength is how much they pack into their entries. They blend their commentary in with great quotations and proper sourcing in a way I'm still trying to emulate. It's neither the hit and run 'here's a link, go read it over there' kind of blog nor is it a longwinded bandwidth-waster. Speaking of bandwidth, their image selection is almost always fantastic.

The overall package hooks you in and makes you want to come back often. And isn't that what this is all about? Go check them out right now.

Again, kudos to ReddHedd, Loren and Jane Hamsher.

Bush names "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke to Fed

I'm not really surprised Bush picked Bernanke amongst all the other balding candidates. Seems a good choice given his apparent speciality: the tug of war between deflation and inflation. We're going to need that in the coming months, if not now, I believe.

I was kind of hoping for Roger Ferguson to get the nod. I was impressed at the way he handled the Fed and the markets after 9/11 while he was acting chairman (Greenspan was out of the country.) Alas, it would be tough to sell Ferguson in the MSM given that he photographs like a mildly retarded Al Roker.

What is interesting about this pick is that it represents a fundamental shift in Greenspan's tactics in handling the Federal Reserve Bank and interest rates. Greenspan used a risk based approach and was adverse to setting inflation targets. Bernanke is a proponent of inflation targets.

I'm a financial junkie, but a realistic one. I know this stuff is boring, so I'm just gonna stop right now.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

"Hot Tub" Tom Delay Interviewed On MSNBC

Am I the only one that is watching Tom Delay and can see right through his obvious game? Smile big and just keep repeating "baseless claims" and "I will be exhonorated" and he'll come out fine. Who ever is giving him that advice is leading him down the primrose path. These are serious charges, with serious penalties. This is no joke and he's treating it like one.

I watched Rita Cosby interview him last night on MSNBC and it was embarassing to watch him. You know when you're watching something where you're so embarrassed for the person that you finger the channel change button and when it gets really bad, you actually turn to another channel and chortle? That was me last night.

Some of the stand outs from the interview:
COSBY: What was going through your mind when they actually booked you? Here you had to go to a sheriff's department, got the mug shot, got the fingerprints. It's got to be humiliating.

DELAY: Well, it's not fun, I got to tell you. It's enough to make sure you don't do anything to break the law to get there — it's not fun. It's very serious. It's very grim.

Yet, he was smiling like he won the lottery? What else do you need to know he's a complete snake in the grass?
COSBY: Are you worried at all, about all these things going on with you, being such a central figure in the halls of Congress, how that will affect the White House, if this drags on?

DELAY: No, because, to be honest with you — and now you really don't think I'm crazy — I think, because we have such a bold, aggressive agenda, the president has shown more leadership. The Democrats have no agenda. The Democrats have this ethics agenda.
"The Democrats have this ethics agenda." He really said that. I laughed my ass off. I couldn't wait for this transcript to come out so I could have proof he said it. And there it is.

Notice right before that he said "The Democrats have no agenda." How misleading and dishonest can you be? Of course the left has an agenda. Primarily, it's to undo or rally against this administration taking us back to dirt roads and outhouses. Also, it's nearly impossible for the Democrats to even be heard given the right's strangle hold on the power positions in the house and senate.
COSBY: You think we're going to see that [mugshot] a lot?

DELAY: Oh, you already are. They're selling t-shirts, especially by enemies. They're using it all over the place. They're doctoring it up. Yes, they're trying their best to make it look as bad as possible. It's hard to do, though.

Oh. Really now? I take that as a challenge. Just because of that smug response, I promise to doctor up even more Delay mugshots and mark my words... they will look as bad as possible. Watch for them soon.
COSBY: You still believe in the political process?

DELAY: Absolutely. Absolutely. Especially when you have the opportunity to stop those that will try to undermine it.

Whoa. The spin is too much. If you threw up in the room while Delay was throwing out this intense spin, the G-forces would be enough so that the puke would be evenly distributed around the entire room. It's that powerful.

No, seriously... read that again if you didn't notice that he's essentially validating the reason why he is in hot water. He undermined the political process in so many ways, so many times, that now we have the opportunity to stop him.

The heat is turning up slowly and he has no idea that it's about to boil.

Background on origin of "Hot Tub Tom" nickname :: From the
Later, as a Texas state legislator from 1978 to 1984, DeLay had a reputation in Austin less as a lawmaker than as a partyer and playboy known as "Hot Tub Tom." He roomed with other fun-loving male legislators at a condo they dubbed "Macho Manor."

Wag The Dog Scenario On The Horizon?

It's late - or early, depending on your constitution - and I'm trying to figure out how I missed all the clamor yesterday about Bush pressing the U.N. to 'take action' against Syria.

The reason all these articles give for Bush's sudden intense focus on Syria is because of a U.N. report that suggests the Syrian government had something to do with the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February of 2005.

Now here's where things get sticky...

Why the sudden push? The report they are referring to was released by the U.N. on September 25, 2005 - a month ago. It took me all of 15 minutes to read through and digest it. (Note: 2 sections of the report have Adobe PDF errors and aren't accessible at this time - will email DOJ and notify)

So, again, why the big push now? 22 possible indictments pending, a pile of other current GOP hardships instantly pop into my mind as a few reasons.

Yes, there is something afoot here. Both Condi Rice and Jack Straw are pressing the U.N. from other angles for swift, yet undefined, action. I'm certain that John Bolton is getting his mustache in Anan's face as well.

Also, why do they now value and want to work with their nemesis, theU.N.? Are we supposed to forget the way this administration disregarded the U.N. on the run up to the Iraq war? Are we supposed to forget Bush's ramrod, recess appointment of John "Anti-U.N." Bolton to the United Nations?

Furthermore, it is hypocritical for this administration to say anything about feuds that depose foreign leaders. I say that based on our controversial involvement with Aristide's departure from Haiti. Not to mention the apparent involvement of the Bush administration in the attempted coup of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

At this point, it won't take much to provoke Syria and Lebanon into a war that will destabilize the fragile region further. Nothing like a new mid-east conflict to move the attention off the administrations' current woes.

Don't put it past them for a second either, it's always when a dog is cornered that they are at their most vicious and desperate.

(ooooh... nice unintentional closing that ties in with the headline, if I don't say so myself)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Republican Nightmare Before Fitzmas

I consider myself a good guy. I can empathize with those who are being pinned down by federal grand juries and guys like Patrick Fitzgerald. Put your self in, say, Karl Rove or Scooter Libby's shoes for a second and imagine how they must feel right now.... (pause for reflection).

OK! Enough of that! Back to sticking it to them in the manner they deserve!

The fact that Fitzgerald and the DOJ has put up a website that will house his findings has to be more than uncomfortable for the GOP. It's a bit like staring at the shadow of the noose you'll be hung with in coming days.

It's beginning to look alot like Fitzmas!

Update :: Oct 22, 2005 :: 2:24am : Several people have inquired as to what, exactly, "Fitzmas" is. Well, it's simple really... It's a popular new holiday in which Leftists, Progressives, Independents, a growing sector of Republicans, the animal kingdom - really just the whole world - will get a bag full of gifts in the form of indictments from Jolly Ol' Patrick Fitzgerald. (I have to give Sam Seder of Majority Report Radio credit for the term, I heard it on his show)


Based on a hunch, Inflatable Dartboard reached into our deep pockets to fund an aerial survey project around Aspen, Colorado - Judy Miller's vacation spot out west.

Our motivation was based on the infamous cryptic letter to Judy Miller. We were intrigued by this portion of the letter:

"Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them."

Unfortunately, our pockets only yielded about $23.82 and helicopter charters in Aspen are about $5,000,000.oo an hour, so we made the decision to use Google Maps instead for free.

Our searching didn't take long. Located just outside of Aspen in a small valley, we located what we believe to be Scooter Libby's message he was trying to get to Judy:

Developing Hard.... (whatever in the hell that means)


It's kind of hard to type when you are bouncing around the room with joy at this type of news item. Karl and Scooter have both been advised that they are in legal jeopardy. (Source: Raw Story)

Now, we have to parse this a bit because we've always known they were in some form of legal jeopardy over their involvement in the Plame outing. I imagine their lawyers are the ones that have now advised them of this 'new' status. You know it's bad when your lawyers come to tell you your fate is all but sealed.

I'd be willing to wager that Rove is having some moments of clarity at this point. I picture him reflecting back on his days as a young college dropout, wetting his beak in politics. Not able to attain success the hard way, he is tempted by the dark side. Trickery, fraud and smear tactics are the tools he chose and they are the sword he will fall on. ( -=I think I'll take this tangent up in another post=- )

Should have listened to the little guy with the harp and halo on the other shoulder, Karl.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fight Night: Rove vs Libby

A sure fire indicator that the wheels are coming off this administration is when it starts to cannibalize itself.

That's apparently what happened when Karl Rove told the grand jury that he may have learned Valerie Plame's name from Scooter Libby, White House advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney. (Source: CNN)

Now, are we to believe that Rove, the calculating and intelligent "architect", somehow was just off his game when trying to bring down Joe Wilson? I mean, that is what all this is about... an administration scheming to discredit Wilson and at the same time send a message to other possible detractors. Rove knows where he got the name and he knows that he was involved in spreading the word.

The unspoken byproduct of this move by Rove is frightening. By implying that he doesn't know where he got Plame's name, he is painting a picture of an administration full of idiots punting her name around with wanton disregard and carelessness. A crime in and of itself, imo.

Delay's Mugshot Letdown

Ok, who in the hell smiles all happy-like for their mugshot? I'd suggest someone who is guilty, that's who. He looks like he's taking his douchebag of the year award photo.

Well, luckily we leftists have a weird mind like mine with photo manipulation skills at our disposal. (Source: Smoking Gun)

This is all just "Background Noise"

Dubya put his lower leg in his mouth this morning when he uttered this in response to a question about the myriad of problems facing his administration:

"There is some background noise here, a lot of chatter, a lot of speculation and opining, but the American people expect me to do my job and I'm going to." (Source: AP)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are watching the art of mitigation at it's worst. It's almost on par with Baghdad Bob, remember him? Standing there and proclaiming the opposite of what we can see right behind him.

Things are coming apart at the seams for this administration and little one-off soundbites don't cut it anymore.

Stop insulting us with your arrogance and hubris.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Brown: Not now, I'm getting my eat on!

Imagine you are Marty Bahamonde, a FEMA agent placed in New Orleans right after Katrina hit. You are designated as Michael Brown's "Eyes and Ears" on the ground. You are armed with a Blackberry and a first hand account of how out of control things are in the Superdome.

You manage to get out the following message, notifying your boss of the dire situation:

"...the situation is past critical... hotels are kicking people out, thousands gathering in the streets with no food or water... estimates are many will die within hours"

The response you get is from an assistant to your boss, Mr. Brown:

" is very important that time is allowed for Mr. Brown to eat dinner"

How does one overcome such a response from those who are in control and muster a response? How could you possibly respond to that with anything other than an "OH MY GOD!!!!!"?

If you are Marty Bahamonde, You respond with:

"OH MY GOD!!!!! Just tell her that I just ate an MRE and [went to the bathroom] in the hallway of the Superdome along with 30,000 other close friends, so I understand her concern about busy restaurants."(Source: MSNBC)

Does Brown's resignation preclude him from being charged with gross negligence or dereliction of duty? It shouldn't. He should be charged with the two crimes I mentioned above. He took that Crony position at FEMA knowing that he was not qualified. That should be punishible in this citizens' opinion.

Rove's Forked Tounge Tickles Dubya's Ear

Initally, I felt only a small pang of surprise upon hearing today that Rove told Bush 2 years ago that he had spoken with reporters about the Plame affair. Supposedly Bush "made his displeasure known to Karl".

Displeasure? What in the hell is that? I save such mitigated intensity like 'Displeasure' for things like my soup being cold or the paper boy forgetting to wrap the paper in plastic on a rainy day.

Maybe its just me but things like treason and conspiracy should ring louder alarm bells for Bush.

So over the course of the day the reality of this situation comes in like a steady tide for me.

Bush has known for 2 years?! If so, then he's damn lucky he didn't testify under oath to the grand jury. But, he did make several statements since then that can only be described as him being totally unaware of anyone in his administration talking about Plame. Not to mention Scott Mclellan's numerous (pre-'ongoing investigation' policy) official statements on behalf of the president that proclaim no involvment by anyone in the administration.

This Plame incident is simply a branch on this Administrations' crooked tree of cronyism, lies, warmongering and deciet. Luckily, we have a very qualified arborist in Patrick Fitzgerald.

Cheney: Mutiny In Bounty

So, another Cheney lackey has alledgedly turned coat and is spilling the beans on his tarnished boss. This time David Wurmser - Cheney's Middle East Advisor - is taking the stool and spotlight and cooperating with Fitzgerald. (source: Raw Story)

In all of this, I can't help but let myself laugh at the religious underpinnings of these 'traitors' of the Bush/Cheney regime.

Of course I'm speaking of Judas of Iscariot. Only this time, the motive isn't pieces of gold. It's saving pieces of your ass. Probably considered a lateral move in terms of ethics, but hey - who can blame Wurmser or Libby? They have to have known this whole time that they were swimming with sharks. Once Fitzgerald drew blood on them, they weren't about to stay in the water.

Update :: Oct 20, 2005 :: 10:30am: Johnny Meatsticks reminded me that Judas took a measly 20 pieces of silver, not gold. Man, they folded easy back then. Thanks Meatsticks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blogosphere is Blogo-here

Putting one virtual foot into the Blogopool to test it out.

Update :: Oct 18 2005 :: 10:35pm: Both feet are in now. #