Friday, January 06, 2006

The Constitution Deserves Better Than George

And by Constitution, I mean us... The citizens of the United States. We deserve better than a empirical doufous who views the Constitution as an obstacle rather than a legal document by which this country is governed and rights are guaranteed.

To tear down this document that is at the epicenter of what makes our democracy special amongst world governments. With one stroke Bush has undermined one of the most important components of the constitution, a right to privacy.

Too many people have tossed in the towel on Bush's abuse of power on this issue. They line up behind him and his asinine excuse that it is necessary in this time of war. Bush has said that this war will continue as long as Al Qaeda exists anywhere in the world. By all accounts and by the very nature of Al Qaeda's structure, that will be a very long time. So, what's next? Which of the amendments to the constitution will be next to fall?

Because when another attack comes, their excuse will be that they need even more war powers.

It is true that the 9/11 terrorists took advantages of our freedoms to attack us. The solution so far has been to throw technology at the problem. Our enemies know they can't fight on that level so they are employing non-technical, guerilla tactics to attack us. I feel our current approach will not only swell the ranks of Al Qaeda and other splinter groups, but it will not stop another attack.

Cheney says that it is not luck that we have not been attacked in the last 4 years. He implies that it is because of their actions. This ignores the findings and failing grades that the 9/11 commission recently gave the Bush Administration and their belief that we are still vulnerable to attack.

They have often mocked Clinton for not being more proactive on combating domestic terrorism while he was in office. Yet they ignore the fact that there was an 8 year gap between the first WTC bombing and 9/11 despite his 'ineffectiveness' on combating terrorism.

Instead of teeing off on the constitution, George should look within it for inspiration to lead and protect this nation.