Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I was collecting river rock after the recent floods for a backyard landscaping project today and I made a startling discovery. While moving some of the larger stones, I came across one that I was able to lift quite easily despite it's appearance. It felt like it was hollow, so I shook it. Just as I could sense something was shifting around inside, it slipped free of my grasp and the top of the stone hinged open and spilled its contents on the ground.

A spy rock! Awesome!

Inside were two of the elusive and much sought after Bush and Abramoff photos and a hand written note that says "Time Warner - you'll get the other photos after you grant me free lifetime cable television. - KR"

My lawyer is clearing the other photo right now, but here is the first one:

I should have the other photo up shortly...

Update: Second photo cleared. Incredible disregard for the law and all things holy: